Curious about Reiki? 

The following are some questions I’m often asked about Reiki. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please email me! I’m sure you’re not the only one wondering. And there is absolutely no such thing as a too-weird or too-personal question.

  • Who can benefit from a treatment? Anyone can benefit from Reiki: babies (they adore it!), children, teenagers, adults, seniors, of course pregnant mamas, and even animals. (My brother-in-law’s high-energy black lab pesters me every time I visit until I give him some Reiki – then he’s a big ol’ pile of dopey mush, cuddled up in my lap. Every single time – Love it!)


  • What are some of the issues that can be addressed? The benefits are numerous and are different for each person. Reiki benefits people with migraine headaches, back & neck pain, fybromyalgia, sleep issues, stress, grief from loss & depression, knee and joint pain. It helps people who have a “heavy heart,” and clients who just do not feel connected to themselves, or the rest of the world. Of course, Reiki never replaces the need for your professional care; it complements your current treatment.
    Some of the benefits of Reiki are:
    • Accelerates the healing process
    • Releases toxins from the body
    • Helps bring relaxation, promotes healing
    • Increases the flow of energy and vitality
    • Alleviates pain
    • Promotes emotional and spiritual balance
    • Brings a sense of peace and well being
    • Assists in tolerating treatments such as chemotherapy


  • What does Reiki feel like? Everyone has their own experiences. But most people report a feeling of peace and relaxation. Clients have told me that after a session they feel more “connected” to things in their life and are able to handle the stress of everyday life better. As I work, some people feel a sensation of heat or coolness from my hands, others see different color of lights and energy, and some have dreamlike sequences. Limbs can feel heavy or as if they are lighter than usual. Some people may cough, weep, or giggle, all of which are excellent means of energy release. Of course, you may not be overtly aware of the energy moving at all – my husband usually falls into a deep, heavy sleep! Without a doubt though, you will have your own unique experience, and I’m sure it will be perfectly what you most need.


  • What happens during a session? At the beginning of a session, I will speak with you about your concerns. Then you will lie down on a massage table or bed. (You remain fully clothed at all times during the session – this is not like massage.) During a session I will place my hands on or near you at different points along your body, concentrating energy in each position. I may place my hands directly on you, or hover lightly above your body, depending on my intuition and moods. Either way, the energy is being transferred. It’s an easy experience for you to enjoy; all you have to do is lie there, listen to calming music, and receive.

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