Hi! I’m Addie Kidd, a Reiki master teacher who hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Currently I’m adventuring through the U.S. in a happy little hatchback with my husband (he has a traveling job fixing wind turbines), a dog, and a cat. I’d love to provide you with a custom, relaxing and invigorating reiki session when “our cuddly circus” rolls into your town.

  • Right now we’re back in Milwaukee, WI – email me for more info.

I’ve been practicing Reiki since I was first attuned in 2007. I’m currently a Reiki Master Teacher, which means that I can attune you if that’s something you’re interested in exploring. Those are generally day-long workshops to teach Reiki methods and introduce newcomers to the energy, with lots of hands-on practice. Such fun days!

Curious about what exactly Reiki is, and what it can do for you?
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