Newborn Session Information 

y Mnewborn sessions take place in the comfort of your home. They are longer than traditional portrait sessions, lasting between 2-4 hours, with breaks for baby snacks, diaper changes, lots of cuddles, and extra time built in for me to sniff their little heads (best job perk ever!).
Newborn Photography by Addie Kidd

Those dreamy baby photographs happen best when babies are deeply sleeping. That means taking photos within the first 10 days of their lives, to take full advantage of their ultra-drowsy state and squishy poseability (and also before too many skin issues like baby acne appear). But as you can see to the right, wide awake little ones are just as cute too!

Ideally, you should reserve a spot with me while you’re pregnant. That way I can pencil in a session for you around your Guess Date, which we will OF COURSE move to accommodate baby’s actual arrival. But you know what? Every baby is entirely photogenic. So even if your little cutie is past their 10-day mark, I know we can still capture some amazing images together.

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Also, as a doula I undertand completely that you’re a new mom first, and photographic model second. So there’s absolutely NO pressure for you to look your best for these photos. If you want to get all dolled up and star front-and-center in family portraits, that’s great. But if you’d rather I just show up and take care of it all while you relax on the sidelines, that’s okay too! (After all that’s part of why you’re having me come to your house, instead of attempting to bustle baby, yourself, and your family off to some impersonal portrait studio a mere week postpartum, isn’t it?) And I promise, I have flattering angles and sneaky tricks for making you look absolutely lovely in photos even if you’ve still got post-2am-feedings-bed-head… I’ll never tell!

  • If you purchase a newborn photo session along with my doula services, you’ll receive a $50 discount. For more information about my doula services please click here to visit my doula page.

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