he following are a collection of projects I’ve designed, and articles I’ve written, for varioTus jewelry-making publications. I’ve previously worked as an Associate Editor for both Art Jewelry magazine and Bead & Button magazine, so many of these projects are available through those sources, or via their sister magazine, BeadStyle.

You can click the orange links below to be taken to the publications’ websites where you can view or download your favorite projects. Some of the instructions are free; others are available as a paid download. Oh, and don’t forget to check out my videos too! Happy ‘smithing!!


 Metal, Stone, Bead, & Wire Jewelry How-to Projects  

Serendipity Silver Water-cast Earrings (free download)
“Learn how to assemble fine-silver water-cast components and 24k gold balls to make an earthy pair of earrings in this intermediate metals project.”

Metal Clay Heirloom Lockets
(paid download)
“Genuine vintage button molds lend their historic, intricate designs to contemporary metal-clay lockets.”

Simple Saw-cut Spiral Earrings
 (free if you’re an Art Jewelry magazine subscriber)
“Learn how to turn flat metal sheet into dimensional earrings with a single saw cut in this beginner metals tutorial.”

Metal Clay Fortune Cookie Charms
 (paid download)
“Fold metal clay paper to create a takeout-inspired pendant, then spell out your destiny with letter stamps. Fuse 22-karat gold paint onto the baked cookie to create a fun contrast with the patinated silver fortune.”

Shibuichi Cuff: An Exercise in Riveting
(paid download)
“Learn how to make decorative rivets while working with this uncommon alloy.”



 Goldsmithing Techniques & Information 

A Beginner’s Guide to Lapidary Equipment (paid download)
Want to start cutting your own stones? Find out what tools you’ll need.

Goof-proof Water Casting
(paid download)
“Learn how to melt, pour, and splash your way to casting grains or jewelry components in under 5 minutes in this beginner metals tutorial.”

Transform Scraps or Casting Grain into Your Own Alloys
(paid download)
“Learn how to make metal sheet and wire ingots or casting grain in this tutorial — save money while saving the planet.”

All About Gravers
(paid download)
“A guide to buying, sizing, and shaping your own customized engraving tool.”

Spotlight Education: The Ultimate Field Trip
(paid download)
“Two teachers in Canada are pioneering a new curriculum for their jewelry students — an international crash course in shopping.”

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