Below you’ll find my current 2014 pricing for doula services. I’m happy to discuss your needs, and am quite flexible when working to find a creative win-win solution. I can provide my services on a sliding scale, offer military discounts, accept installment payments, will barter, and pride myself on being able to offer the occasional pro bono situation. If you have a specific budget in mind, email me! I’d love to discuss your ideas and work with you to find creative package options that will suit your needs.


 Package Options 

Birth Doula Services

  • minimum of 2 in-person visits during the course of your pregnancy
  • unlimited phone calls and emails during pregnancy and postpartum
  • 24/7 on-call availability exclusively for you beginning 2 weeks prior to your “Guess Date”
  • assistance in creating a birth plan, if desired
  • full use of my pregnancy, labor, birth, & newborn development lending library & DVD collection
  • travel to your hospital, birth center, or home for labor & delivery
  • complete support for you (and your partner) during the entire length of your labor, no matter how long you need me
  • birth photography and documentation, if desired
  • help immediately postpartum with bonding & establishing breastfeeding
  • postpartum visit to help you review your birth, & process your experience
  • a one-of-a-kind sterling silver charm hand-crafted by me, commemorating your birth experience and new little one

$450Check Availability


Postpartum Doula Care

  • hourly care – minimum block of 2-hours/day
  • cooking, laundry, light housework/cleaning
  • frozen meals made-ahead for your family’s convenience
  • care for baby and other siblings while you rest/shower/visit/run errands/etc.
  • basic errand-running can be added to any visit
  • integration of baby with immediate & extended family, older siblings, & even pets
  • listen & assist you in mentally and emotionally processing your birth experience & parenthood
  • personal vigilance about warning signs for postpartum depression and other mental health concerns
  • help with breastfeeding advice & techniques
  • hands-on babywearing instruction & information
  • informational assistance for newborn conditions & labor recovery issues
  • can attend any postpartum doctor’s appts with you if you desire company, help, or an extra set of ears
  • discount for pre-payment – 12 hours for the price of 10

$15/hrCheck Availability

Birth, Doula, and Newborn Photography by Addie Kidd

Henna on a pregnant belly for a Blessingway ceremony

Birth and Doula Photography by Addie Kidd

  • If you purchase a newborn photo session along with my doula services, you’ll receive a $50 discount.
    For more information about my photography please click here.

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