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Do you Pinterest?? I have several doula boards with lots of info and ideas. They’re great conversation starters for you and your partner, you and your care provider, or for you and me! Check them out:

  • For my Doula Clients – general info about pregnancy, labor, and babies
  • Babywearing! – helpful information and inspiration about how to wear (yes, wear!) and comfy-carry your little ones
  • DIY Mamas – projects and tips for those mamas who like to create hand-crafted items
  • Artful Bellies – gorgeous pregnant bellies decorated with henna, paint, and love
  • Want a Blessingway? – A Blessingway is a special ceremony to celebrate a woman’s transition to motherhood. It’s sort of like a baby shower, but without gifts, and focused on the mama instead of the baby-to-be. Lot’s of ideas on this board.

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Looking to connect on facebook? Check out my doula page. It’s a fun community of mamas, friends, past doula clients, photography clients, and future clients! I post pregnancy and birth information, news stories, photos, opinion polls, and of course some funny links. Laughter is the best labor-inducer…or something like that. haha

I also have a whole slew of pages that I’ve personally found and liked – great organizations, products, and communities to support mamas, babies, and families. Check out my page’s Likes section to see for yourself.

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