Laughing & hugging my way across the U.S. 

Hi! I’m Addie Kidd. I’m a doula, a photographer, a goldsmith, a jewelry instructor, a reiki master, a traveler, a not-so-undercover hippie, a lover of surprises, & a lover of hugs who hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To learn more about my passions, click any of my titles in the menu bar, or on one of the rotating images above.

Currently I’m adventuring through the U.S. in a happy little hatchback with my husband (he has a traveling job fixing wind turbines), a dog, and a cat. I’d love to meet up with you when “our cuddly circus” rolls into your town.

Right now we’re back in Milwaukee, WI; email me for more information, with any questions, or just to say hello!


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